Reptile Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Reptile mod will give you extra mobs. As the name it has, this mod will give you reptile mobs. As we all know, the Minecraft game is already great with the right environment, the humans, the animals, and the zombies. With reptile mod, you can now get reptiles, the little creatures that are living in the game that will make Minecraft more real. This mod will add some reptile type varieties like the turtles, camelons, frogs, or lizards. The best and cool part about this mod is that it can add alligators and crocodiles. You may not want to meet them in the real life, but you can try having them in your Minecraft world just showing that you are even cooler with them.

Reptile Mod

Reptile Mod: Feature and Installation

The reptile mod will surely make your Minecraft world livelier and more completed. The reptiles added on the game can be friends or enemies. You need to try for yourself which one you will get. The reptiles added are such as Komodo Dragons, Peretie monitors, Lace monitors, Giant Tortoise, and some more. These reptiles will drop different item and each eat different animals. In addition, this mod allows you to modify the sounds as well by using the AudioMod. In addition, you need to get the ModLoader by Resugami. You can try to get the way to breed the reptiles and feed them as well but all you need first is to try this on. You do not need to wait any longer and just get them installed on your game.

Follow these steps to install the reptile mod.

1. Download the reptile mod 1.2.5 and press start
2. Go to “run” and then select folder named “minecraft”
3. Select the folder named “bin” and then open the “minecraft.jar” by using 7zip or winrar
4. Extract the contents of your there
5. Install the ModLoader and everything will be ready and run according to the plan
6. Enjoy your game.

Link To Download Reptile Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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