Retro Sound Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Retro sound mod is alike with any other audio mod. It provides the sound for your minecraft game. The unique of this mod is that this mod provides a sound that comes from olden minecraft game. The mod is very suitable for you who love olden stuff. If you are one of the minecrafters who love ancient things, you have to try this retro sound mod for your minecraft. This is a good mod to be tried. You may get different experiences in minecrafting with this audio mod.

Retro Sound Mod

Retro Sound Mod: Feature and Installation

When you play minecraft, you must turn on the background music, playing it without music might be very boring. However, you may also be bored with the usual background music of the minecraft game. Luckily, this retro sound mod was created. The mod provides you very interesting sound of old days of minecraft. It brings back the old sound of the door opening, the TNT, the gates and may other sounds in your minecraft games will be changed into the olden sound. Applying this mod in your minecraft will make you stay to play the minecraft for long time. You will not get bored playing the minecraft game.

To be able to apply this audio mod in your minecraft, you have to download and install the retro sound mod for your minecraft. You can follow the installation steps below to install it.

• Download and install the Sound Enabler Mod
• Download the retro sounds mod 1.2.5
• Open the mod folder
• Click start
• Run it
• Type the %appdata% inside the box
• Go to .minecraft
• Drag the folder inside the mod folder into the .minecraft
• Finish, enjoy playing minecraft with the olden sound

Link To Download Retro Sound Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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