Rope Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Rope mod is very useful mod for your minecraft world. This gives you many advantages for moving many items in the minecraft world. This mod is very useful and easy used. You can move a lot of items easier using the rope. It is also helpful for climbing cliff in minecraft. To use the rope is easy, you have to place the rope block on the solid block then place the other rope block to make the rope track, and thus you can drag the items in your minecraft world using the rope. This rope mod is definitely necessary for you to help you move many minecraft items. You will get many advantages from the mod.

Rope Mod

Rope Mod: Feature and Installation

The rope mod has many features that will be very helpful for your activity in your minecraft world. You can climb the wall and the cliff easier using the rope. You also can carry many items at a time using the rope. The mod gives you a lot of convenient in your minecraft world. This mod is very useful for you. The rope is very tough that will help you doing many things in your minecraft world.

To be able to use the rope you must have the rope mod in your minecraft world. You can get the rope mod minecraft from the official minecraft sites then install it in your minecraft. How to install it is simple ad easy, you can follow the steps below to install it.

• Download the rope mod for minecraft 1.2.5
• Download the modloader
• Move the modloader data into .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
• Copy all the files .class and imgz in the mod files into minecraft.jar
• Delete the META INF folder
• Done, and enjoy using the mod in your minecraft world


Link To Download Rope Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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