Sharp Design Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Sharp design texture pack, like the name implies, has a special purpose of sharpening. This texture pack is one of thousands of few simplistic texture packs that exist today in the web. For you who love to play the texture packs, then this texture pack will surely help to improve your playing. It also gives softer color as it is sharpening the texture design.

Sharp Design Texture Pack

Sharp design texture pack minecraft 1.2.5 – What is sharp design texture pack?

This texture pack has main purpose to simplify the Default texture Pack, or in a simpler words “sharpening” it. This is actually a texture pack which has been in default size of a simple resolution of 16×16 of Minecraft. The texture pack is updated to Minecraft 1.0.0 and available for it. This texture pack and the default Minecraft one is slightly same. The difference between them is that the sharp design texture pack is cleaned up in a way. It is said that this pack is considered as the best texture packs and the simple one for Minecraft. This pack is began from the hands of its developer like all texture packs which are simple is started, that is by changing the pack things or editing things out the pack. After that, soon a theme is started to go and made all of the whole pack.

Sharp Design Texture Pack minecraft 1.2.5 – Install Your Sharp Design Texture Pack Now

To install this texture pack, you need to first find sharp design texture pack download and start the installation process. Next, open the file named .minecraft/texture packs, and then copy your downloaded zip. After that, place the full zip to .minecraft/texture packs. Now, you get a sharp design texture pack works. Support the 12W03A Snapshot and fully compatible with Minecraft 1.1 is the feature of the sharp design texture pack.

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