Sign Tags Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

If you want to make a sign for your Minecraft, then you can use Sign Tags Mod. It can help you to make a creative sign. Even you can make a unique sign as you want. If you think that in the Minecraft have existed some signs, then by using Sign Tags Mod, you can get something more than just this mods and signs in the Minecraft. The sign that you can make is made up of 6 wooden planks on top. Wooden plank is one of the items in the game. The wooden planks can be made from the first two lines of space that is full of planks. Then, you can make the sign’s bod with stick that exists in the middle space located in the left on the bottom.

sign tags mod

Sign tags Mod is very useful for you because it can make you comfortable in playing this creative game. Even though, some people say that it is very mysterious. It can give you more things for the signs that exist in the Minecraft. However, before you are able to play it, you have to download it first. After that, you have to install it.

Step by Step to Install Sign Tags Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

Below are some steps to set up Sign tags Mod in favor of Minecraft 1.2.5:
• Get on START
• Get on RUN
• Input %appdata%
• Choose MINECRAFT file
• Choose BIN file
• Unlock minecraft.jar by means of winrar or 7zip
• Copy and paste all the inside of the mods there
• Delete META-INF before you play this game

Below is link to download Sign Tags Mod Minecraft 1.2.5:

Even though it is only adds you a sign, but you can get more things for signs by using Sign Tags Mod. In addition, you can move it according your settings. If you still do not understand about it, then you can check this website every day, because you will be given update information if you to ask some questions or even share your information about Sign Tags Mod, then you can write it on the comment form.

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