Sinecraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

If the Minecraft players feel a little tired of the new fancy looking texture pack, using sinecraft texture pack can be a new fresh air to take. Even though the look that SInecraft gives is still fancy, but it still belongs to the simple texture category. Basically, the sinecraft texture pack is a texture pack whose size and resolution are a default in 16 x 16 pixels. It is really a simple texture that can give nice looking construction without being too much over or too big, It is an option that a Minecraft player can use as a change every once in a while if they like it.

Sinecraft Texture Pack

Sinecraft Texture Pack: Feature and Installation

Yes, one of the special things about this sinecraft texture pack is that it is developed from zero until it is made like this. It is actually the first texture pack that Sinedeviance, the developer of the texture pack, ever made. This mod has a simple design looking in it, but it looks really nice with a modern looking texture pack in it. The cobble stone that is used has been ditched easily by using the brick style texture now. This texture pack is quite inspired by another texture pack that is made by Dokucraft before.

Here are the following steps for installing this sinecraft texture pack:

• To modify our construction in Minecraft world, the first thing that we need to do is finding the sinecraft texture pack download in the Internet
• After we download the texture pack, try to find the appdata in our computer, and then open the file of .minecraft/texture pack
• Once it is open, put the texture pack without unzipping it into the folder
• If it has been finished, we can start trying to open the Minecraft and play using the newly installed sinecraft texture pack.


Link to Download Sinecraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

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