Sky Block Survival Map Minecraft 1.2.5

Sky block survival map is a map that dwells of three blocks sky. The three of them are the original sky block, the lower sky block and the desert sky block. Sky block survival map will guide you to make movements when you are alone in the sky. On this level, you may purchase stuffs from other mine craft player or you may sell yours to them, you also can protect the stuffs you have. This activity is very exciting.

Sky Block Survival Map

Sky block survival map minecraft 1.2.5 – The Rules and Challenges

With the guide from sky block survival map, you may travel to the lower sky block and make the way to go to the flying sand island. This block survival map will help you to commence with a pail of lava and an ice block. There are many more you can challenge. However, there are rules for block survival map, some of them are that the player may not to leave the Island, steal, mourning, torment and racism can be tolerated in sky block survival map. Player should play on the normal difficulties and respect all players. All players also should bookmark the link if find an interest in it and post the pictures of accomplishment. And there are many others that you can understand by yourself after get the block survival map.

Sky block survival map minecraft 1.2.5 – the Installation

For the installation you have to download skyblock survival map for minecraft games first. Then you have to open the zipped file and locate your minecraft folder and then open it up. After you open it, open the saves file and you can drag the block survival map into the saves files. Now you can play the minecraft survival games and enjoy the sky block survival map in your minecraft survival game.

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