Softy Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.3

Softy Texture Pack gives an opportunity to the Minecraft player to create simple but still fun world. The Minecraft player, which is usually called as Minecrafter, can use this texture pack gives cartoonish style that will brighten the world of Minecraft. If the Minecrafter is tired by the dark and gloomy world in Minecraft, them giving some variation with the fun looking texture pack will be a nice touch. The colors that are used in Softy Texture Pack is 16x resolution, and it helps to bring out the cartoon style for the Minecraft world. The texture pack looks more friendly and cheerful for the younger Minecrafter.

Softy Texture Pack

Softy Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.3 – The Features and Advantages

As it was mentioned above, the softy texture pack minecraft has bright cartoonish texture that will look brighter and cheerful in Minecraft world. The Minecrafter can create and redesign completely all of the mobs, blocks, and weapons. Even though it runs in a quite low resolution, the Softy Texture Pack has clean look that will look really nice on the monitor. This surely can add more cartoon factor that becomes one of the best feature on the texture. It will not either lag on the computer, so it will not interrupt the Minecrafter playing, and will not break another texture that the Minecrafter is currently using.

Softy Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.3 – How to Install the Pack

Several steps are needed to do in order to install the Softy Texture Pack. The first thing that we need to do is simply by downloading the texture pack. We can find the texture pack anywhere in the Internet easily. Navigate the mouse to the start menu, and then we need to run the texture packs folder in Minecraft. Copy the zip file of the minecraft texture pack, and then paste it to the texture packs folder. Do not unzip the texture pack, just copy the zip files there. Now we are ready to use Softy Texture Pack.

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