Star Wars Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

Star Wars Texture Pack is here to bring wonderful Star Wars atmosphere into your Minecraft world. We all know how great Star Wars is. Well, the movie is really popular around the world, after all. Looking at the preview video and picture, the details of this texture pack is pretty impressive and pretty much alike with the real one. Bet the maker of this pack is a big fan of Star Wars! You can tell it from the details in the packs. It is really all about Star Wars.

Star Wars Texture Pack

Star Wars Texture Pack: Feature and Installation

Reviving the atmosphere of Star Wars is pretty easy with Star Wars Texture Pack. You can swift the blocks into futuristic space style and even get swords in it. Surprisingly, it also changes bows into a cool guns. Pretty cool, isn’t it? You can even have jack-o-lantern changes into Star Wars style helmet. That makes this texture pack is one of the best that you find. This texture pack surely gives you the new excitement when you are bored of the usual gaming. Sadly, this Star Wars Texture Pack is still under development and some parts are not well converted into Star Wars-like. I recommend giving it a try and install Star Wars Texture Pack minecraft 1.2.5 in your game by following these steps:

1. Download and install McPatcher HD properly
2. Download Star Wars Texture Pack from the link provided
3. Run MCPatcher HD and patch 16×16 resolution
4. Drag the files of the texture pack into .minecraft/texturepacks folder
5. Run the game normally and choose the pack
6. Have fun!

Link To Download Star Wars Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

If you want to get the newest update on Minecraft, be free to come to this site and enjoy the post presented here. This way, you can keep your Minecraft intriguing with Star Wars Texture Pack and other updates.

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