Steampunk Minecraft Texture Packs

When we flashback to 1800-1900′s era, we know that all of style start from home until equipment made by original materials like woods or something like that. No handphone, no internet, less carbon and enegry producing by wheel or waterfall also nothing nuclear energy. When you want to have condition like that you can try Steampunk Minecraft Texture Packs, in the minecraft game you will feels like old people. below is screenshot of Steampunk:


What do you think about picture above? its so amazing, you looks the old boat like Captain Sparow boat and different with other minecraft texture packs. This is very easy to install than minecraft mods, because you can use MC patcher HD fix to install them. below is step by step to istall Steampunk Texture Packs for minecraft 1.7.3:

  1. Download and patch MC patcher HD fix.
  2. Then download the Steampunk Texture Pack
  3. Drag it into start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>texturepack
  4. Play!

When you run the game and then press “mods and texture packs” then “open texture packs folder”.* and the texture packs will be loaded. below is link to download:

enjoy and have fun use Steampunk Minecraft Texture Packs.

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