Sunken Island Custom Map Minecraft 1.2.3

Sunken Island custom map makes you experience wonderful adventure on a deserted isnalend surrounded by circle waterfalls. The two mountains on the island is the main point on the adventure and take important part on the storyline of the map. Actually, this map has gained huge attention since the time it got released. Using MCEdit World Editor, the developer has shown the great terra forming skills. Even though many people are able to create many maps and mod, this Sunken Island custom map is just very wonderful and irresistibly attractive.

Sunken Island Custom Map

Sunken Island custom map minecraft 1.2.3 – Thrilling Adventure in Great Map

Actually, Sunken Island custom map first comes with fewer features than what we can get now. Further changes are done by the developer, so we can have this amazing adventure map. You are going to find hidden chests on the map to help you do the adventure. Compared to other adventure map, indeed this Sunken Island is more impressive. It is hard to believe that this map is actually inspired by a picture. The developer has surely made a great job in creating this map. At present, the map is only available for Minecraft Latest Version, so if you have former version, it is recommended to upgrade it.

Sunken Island custom map minecraft 1.2.3 – Steps to Install Sunken Island Map

Before experiencing thrilling adventure in Sunken Island custom map, there are some easy and simple steps to do for installing the files from Sunken Island custom map download. The thing to do after downloading the map is to type %appdata% and go to the destined folder. Open the saves folder and copy the files from Sunken Island Map Minecraft to the folder. Close the windows pane and run the game. After that, select the Sunken Island custom map and enjoy the adventure.

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