Super Hostile Maps Minecraft 1.0.0

Super Hostile maps are the new series of custom adventure map form Vechs. Many Minecrafters might have known these maps as they are not so hard to play. However, this one is unsusual since Vechs makes it harder than any custom adventure map. One example of the map is the sea of flames which created for a survival adventure in deserted island surrounded by lava. Moreover, it also comes with multiple dungeons to escape from. All series of Super Hostile maps have something in common, collecting the wool and put them in the victory monument to finish the Super Hostile maps Minecraft.

Super Hostile Maps

Super Hostile maps minecraft 1.0.0 – Harder Adventure, More Challenging Game

With the features, this Super Hostile maps are indeed more appealing to be played. There are some levels in each series which can absorb your attention since it is far challenging than other custom adventure maps. However, don’t even imagine finishing the adventure in a hour since each series has very long adventure. You will be totally absorbed into the game since it does really interesting. Now that you have known the basic information, why don’t you try this adventure map and see what do you think about it. If you want other adventure maps, you can try USS Enterprise Map.

Super Hostile maps – Installing Super Hostile Custom Maps for Minecraft 1.0.0

If you want to know a glance of these Super Hostile maps, you can watch the video made by the developer. If you think that it will be a good adventure for you, and then follow the steps to install the map which goes as follows. The first step is to go to the forum and find the map that you want. Download the files, and then open Minecraft.jar. Copy and paste the file of the map into the folder and drag it to the .Minecraft. Run the game normally and enjoy new experience at Super Hostile maps.

Download from link below

Super Hostile 00 Hazardous Environment
Super Hostile 01 Sea of Flame II
Super Hostile 02 The Endless Deep
Super Hostile 03 Infernal Sky II
Super Hostile 04 The Kaizo Caverns
Super Hostile 05 The Black Desert
Super Hostile 06 Canopy Carnage
Super Hostile 07 Legendary
Super Hostile 08 Nightmare Realm
Super Hostile 09 Sunburn Islands

Enjoy and have fun with Super Hostile Maps.

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