Survival Island Map Minecraft 1.2.3

Survival Island map gives you a new map and a new world to survive on Minecraft game. A whole island is made for you to survive on. With missions to be completed, Survival Island map is definitely worth the try.

Survival Island Map

The map also included with several mission that you have to accomplish during your survival on the island such as building two stories house with more than 20 windows, gathering 10 unused diamonds, or looking for the treasure of the Lost Curator. Those are the mission available. You will be rewarded for every mission you accomplished. And those missions, though seems to be pretty difficult, also looks fun and will keep giving you reason in surviving in the Survival Island map.

Survival Island map minecraft 1.2.3 – the Rule and Installation

In enjoying the fun in Minecraft’s new map, the Survival Island map minecraft 1.2.3, you have to follow the rules there. The rule is simple though. The first is, do not leave the island. The second, and the most tempting to break, is “do not cheat”. Common, where is the fun of the game if you cheat? And the third is “don’t hack”. It is simple.

Right now, survival island map download is already available. You can download it and you can see the installation progress bellow:

- The first thing is getting the software in your hands. You can download it on the internet.
- After finish downloading, open start/run/%appdata%/.minecraft/saves
- After that, unzip the Minecraft map file that you have download, and put the files into .minecraft saves folder.
- Then, run the Minecraft and voila! You are in the survival island.

Download Survival Island Map for Minecraft 1.2.3 from link below:

Those steps are pretty easy and you can go trying your surviving skills and using your brain to finish all missions available. You should definitely try this new Survival Island map.

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