The Aether Mod Minecraft 1.0.0

The aether mod is one of the famous and needed things in minecraft. The mod is bigger than any other mod. It is like a paradise in minecraft. It has donjon and golden lodge in it. The donjon is divided into three types there are gold, silver, and bronze. The donjon types refer to the game level, gold donjon is the hard level while bronze is the easy level. The mod also has three different colors to determine how they jump.

The Aether Mod

The aether mod minecraft 1.0.0 – The Beautiful Features

The aether mod 1.1 has all good and beautiful features. There are new quartz trees that provides white apple that can heal toxic, reduction of Christmas trees, berries, ginger bread man and candy can be for healing hunger. You are also able to fix the issues use donjon loot chest or Christmas tree leafs. You will have TNT from present and the change of berry bush generation and animal movements. The aether mod also gives a better sound and graphic and you will be able to remove the unnecessary edit in the GuiinGame, and many others. The aether mod absolutely gives very much features in minecraft.

The aether mod minecraft 1.0.0 – Play the Big Amazing Game

Eventhough the mod is a big game, you do not need to worry about the installation system. This game is quite simple to be installed. The first step is that you have to back-up the minecraft. jar, every time you download a Mod you have to back-up it. Then, you have to find and run appdata.minecraft bin. Then, you must open the minecraft.jar up using winrar application on your PC. After that, you must delete the meta-inf, then download and install the AudioMod, ModLoader, and ShockAhPI in your PC. After you finish it, you need to download the mod. Then you have to drag the data inside “jar” folder into minecraft.jar. After that, you must mix the “resources” folder inside Aether Mod with minecraft “resources” folder. Now the installation process of the aether mod is finished. Now you can enjoy play the amazing game of the aether mod.

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