The Dust Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

One of the many popular mods of Minecraft today is the Dust mod. When playing the Minecraft games, Minecraft players might often meet a fancy looking mod that often leaves them in awe. This mod looks very neat and nice looking, which make us as the Minecraft players only want to use it more than ever. Sometimes we are wondering what goes to the mind of the creator when he or she made it. This mod that we are talking about is of course the Dust mod, a mod made by billythegoat101. With this mod we can easily make Rune like shape, which is painter by using 40 runes in this current version. Some of the many runes that are used in this Dust mod are the healing rune, the teleporting rune, the torch rune, the lumberjack rune, and many other runes.

The Dust Mod

The Dust Mod: Feature and Installation

After trying out this one mod by myself, I can say that roughly, it is an absolute help to build some constructions with this mod. However, the main problem that I face is that I cannot even remember what rune does what thing, even though the Dust mod does give a complete list that tells us the players about it. I found, though, healing rune to be very beneficial, especially if it is used deep underground with no food attached.

Here are the steps to install Dust Mod:

• You need to find the dust mod download first if you want to use the Dust mod
• Open Run, search %appdata%
• Go to the .minecraft/mods
• After it is downloaded and the folder is opened, move the mod in the ZIP file without any need to unzip it first
• Once it is done, we can now enjoy the Dust mod in our own Minecraft world

The Dust Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 Download Link

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