THX Helicopter Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

THX helicopter mod is one of the mod that the players can download and use to play in Minecraft. By using the helicopter mod, then the player can add helicopter to Minecraft. With this helicopter mod, then the player, which is often called as Minecrafter, can use helicopter to go around the Minecraft world and explore the world that the Minecrafter created. There are a lot of things that are equipped in THX helicopter mod, and all of these equipment can be used by the Minecrafter to do many fun things. The controls are also quite easy to handle.

THX Helicopter Mod

THX helicopter mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – The Features and Controls

Like it was mentioned above, the THX helicopter mod can be used as the tools to go around and explore the Minecraft world that the Minecrafter has created. Not only that, the minecrafter can also fight and destroy mobs or mine, since there are rockets and missiles that are equipped in the helicoptermod which can be used on our liking. Controlling the helicopter is not that hard either. Like the other mod, we can just use the keyboard and mouse to give command to the helicopter easily. With a little practice the Minecrafter can easily handle the helicopter well.

THX helicopter mod Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install the Mod

To be able to use the THX helicopter mod, we need to download and install Modloader first. Next thing to do is go to the .jar file of Minecraft game. We can find it by go to the options menu when we are opening the Minecraft game, and then choose ”Game Location on disk”. Next, open the minecraft.jar on some programs similar to 7-Zip or WinRar. We need to delete the folder of META-INF, then move the files that are in the zip folder of Metaloader to Minecraft.jar. Next we only need to move the zip file of thx helicopter mod 1.2.3 to the folder of Mibecraft/Mods. Now we are ready to use THX helicopter mod.

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