Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.7.3

One of unique minecraft games is create a building and structures, but will hurt when the resources are limited, but dont worry because now i have a mod for solve this problem. The name is Mod or modification, Mod is like a tools for make play this game easely. One of several amazing mods is Too Many Items Mod for minecraft 1.7.3 which that work on Multi players too.

Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.7.3 Features

  • Fill your inventory with items.
  • Unlimited Stacks
  • Fast Crafting
  • Fast Transfer
  • Send item you don’t need to the trash (Single Player)
  • Save and load up to 7 inventories
Below is screenshot of too many items mods:

How to Install Too Many Items Mod 1.7.3 for Windows

  1. Download Mods from link i will give below
  2. Go to start menu on your windows
  3. Click on run
  4. Type in “%appdata%” in fill table(without quotes)
  5. Find a folder named “/.minecraft/” go inside and find a /bin/ folder.
  6. Delete the /bin/ folder.
  7. Open up minecraft and log in. This will re-instate your /bin/ and is called “cleaning your folder.”
  8. Inside the new bin folder you should find minecraft.jar
  9. Right-click on it and choose open with WinRAR/7Zip or other compression software.
  10. Drag the files into minecraft.jar.
  11. Delete a folder called “META-INF”
  12. Save and close
  13. Congratulations, you’ve installed Too Many Items 1.7.3!
Enjoy and have fun to use this mods, and have a nice crafting.

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