Tropicraft Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Tropicraft mod is another artistic and sweetest mod you need to try. This mod was updated in 2012 while the launching was during the 2011. As the name it has, the mod will give you special and correct landscape of environment, the tropical environment. You will feel like in Hawaii for a vacation. You know how the refreshing and bright sunshine and the romantic and peaceful night feel like, and that what you will get by installing this mod. The tropicraft mod will push the game into its correct version by adding the tropical properties such as the tropical plants and tropical animal mobs.

Tropicraft Mod

Tropicraft Mod: Feature and Installation

You can get many features by the tropicraft mod besides those tropical scenery and atmosphere, tropical plants and tropical animal mobs. Those other features are the tropical island, island with tropical plants, waterfall scenes that are astonishing, inland rivers everywhere when you pass by with fishes living on it, glimmering beaches, and volcanoes. These appealing and comfortable sceneries will be just right to make your game more interesting. Well, these features are worth it and you just need to install the tropicraft mod 1.2.5.

Here are the steps of Minecraft tropicraft mod installation.

1. Make sure you play the 1.2.5 version of Minecraft
2. You need to download the Minecraft Forge API and the ModLoader
3. Press start and find “run” and type %appdata% there
4. Select “.minecraft” when a folder pops-up
5. Select bin and after that open the “minecraft.jar” with 7zip or winrar
6. Put the MCForge and ModLoader there. You can just paste and copy the content.
7. Go back and then select folder “mods” and put your mod there
8. If there is MET.INF, delete it
9. After all, you can enjoy your game featured with the tropicraft mod.

Link To Download Tropicraft Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Visit this website to get the latest updates and more information from Tropicraft Mod. Please do not forget to leave your comment or you can share your problem on the comment box below.

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