Turbo Model Thingy Mods Minecraft 1.2.5

Turbo model thingy can be seen as turning the already complicated process of making a model inside minecraft world, into a more complicated work. But how is it? What does it do? This mod adds more complicated shapes available for you when you are making a model. With more shapes, the process of pouring your imagination as a model will be more complicated. But do not remove the fact that more shape means more possibilities and more new model to be formed.

Turbo Model Thingy

Turbo Model Thingy Minecraft 1.2.5 – Create Your Turbo Model

It is true that it is not very easy to create a model in Minecraft world. Just building it block by block is hard enough. Now, if you see it in this light, you will see this turbo model thingy as a troublesome mod. But if you see it in different light, you will see this mod as new possibility of making new model. The new shapes turbo model thingy gives including cylinder, GASP, spheres, trapezoid, and many other additional shapes. If you like mecha anime, you can build your own mobile suit here with the new mod.

Turbo Model Thingy Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install It

It is very easy to intall this turbo model thingy. You only need to download the turbo model thingy minecraft and a modLoader first. All the rest is just like when you install another mod to your Minecraft. If this is the first time you install a mod, then you can follow the instruction here. Once you have downloaded the mod and the modloader, go to the minecraft roam by clicking Start menu, and then go to ‘run’. Enter %appdata% in the empty space and a window will pop out. Look for Minecraft folder, then enter it once you have found. Enter the bin folder there, and you will see Minecraft.jar file. Open it. There is META.INF folder there. This is an important step. Make sure you delete it. After that, go to the mod and modloader that you have downloaded. Extract those files and put the extracted files inside the minecraft.jar. Then close all the window and start playing minecraft. The new turbo model thingy had been successfully installed.

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