UCreepingBro Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

If you ever imagine yourself as creeper, then UCreepingBro mod will makes it comes true. This creepy yet thrilling mod will totally make your Minecraft gaming experience become even more interesting than before. If you usually kill the creepers and defend your home, now you will be playing the adventure as the agent of Covert Creepers Ops, which widely known as CCO. You are ace agent which stike against human race who kill your fellows when invaded you land. Not only killing the humans, you also have to fight against Enderman, a creeper who sided to human, with the weapons and skill that you have.

UCreepingBro Mod

UCreepingBro Mod: Feature and Installation

After knowing that basic information, you must get really excited to have UCreepingBro mod in your Minecraft. Well, your wish is granted. You can join the experience of this mod by following the steps which will be revealed below. Before that, I’ll give you some tricks on using this mod. Press V, you can make a hiss to intimidate the humans, but it will not explode. Otherwise, when you press F, you will explode to kill or at least damage the humans.

UCreepingBro Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 Installation Guide

Well, here are the steps to install UCreepingBro mod for minecraft 1.2.5.

1. Make sure to install and download ModLoader properly.
2. Download the UCreepingBro mod files that you need
3. Drag all files of the mod into .minecraft/mods folder without unzipping it.
4. Run the game
5. Enjoy!

Link To Download UCreepingBro Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Now that you already know how to install UCreepingBro mod in your Minecraft, you can enjoy new experience which can bring new excitement. Be free to share your opinion and experience here since it will be a great thing among fellow Minecrafter. You can also find the newest update in Minecraft here as we are continuously looking for the update from the developers, including the update of UCreepingBro mod.

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