USS Enterprise Map Minecraft 1.2.3

USS Enterprise Map for Minecraft Games is the building that is appeared on the Minicraft Youtube video. The creator make it amazing and continously updating this map for the latest released Minecraft version. It is really ppular that it has been in a video of Yogcast episode. USS Enterprise Map is made with much effort that it is made into five decks and everywhere on it is decorated and furnished by interior and wide tools complimentsand resources, so no blank spaces be found. Exploring the decks become more intersting and fun with these details.

USS Enterprise Map

USS Enterprise Map Minecraft 1.2.3 – Additional Information on This Map

This USS Enterprise Map is available in two versions; the Sci-Fi Texture Pack and the better one is the Star Wars Texture Pack. It will make you more enjoying the game by the amazing creation it has. More features are added to the Minecraft, so this creation developer add more features needed such as the change of the ship as the piston added in order to make everything looks better and harness the piston’s power. The developed USS Enterprise map for minecraft is even made into nine decks and a World folder, a set of Star Trek player skins is included on the download.

USS Enterprise Map Minecraft 1.2.3 – Setting Up the This Map

If you are interested to set up this amazing creation, you just need to follow some steps. The first step is indeeed you need to install this USS Enterprise Map for Minecraft nad then type %appdata% for furthermore going to the roaming folder. Next, open bin folder and .minecraft for after that open the saves folder. Drag in the downloads zip and close all the windows to open the Minecraft. Finally, you have USS Enterprise Map amazing creation applied in only easy and simple way ever.

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