Weaponizer Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

For those Minecraft players who are still looking for a new weapon mod, this weaponizer mod can be your option. This weapon mod can actually bring a whole lot of new fun to the Minecraft world, and besides, it will also give some exciting challenge for the players. We need to remember that adding a weapon in Minecraft world can bring some destruction to the world that we create, however, that is the main excitement. The weaponizer mod is quite powerful, so we still have to beware if we do not want to destroy things we do not want to destroy. This mod however is not going to be available, easily, we need to plant and mine a lot to get it. To do that, we have to possess some more Ores, which then leads us to make brand new Armors and Tools to get it.

Weaponizer Mod

Weaponizer Mod: Feature and Installation

In Weaponizer Mod Minecraft 1.2.5, there are currently 8 in total of new mineable ores, and also 6 mineable ores. For the swords, the players can be satisfied by using around 76 new swords in hand. If it is not enough yet, pick one of the 50 new axes and try to chop down something in the Minecraft world. Around 32 armor pieces which is put in 8 sets of armor is also available in weaponizer mod for the players to use along with the 32 new tools.

Look at these following steps to install this Weaponizer Mod:

• To play this weaponizer mod in our computer, we need to download three things first: ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, and Minecraft Forge Client
• After we download them, install them directly to the computer
• Once it is done, we can start downloading the weaponizer mod Minecraft
• Open the RAR files after the download is done, and move them to the Minecraft.jar
• Once it is finished, we can start using weapon with weaponizer mod


Link To Download Weaponizer Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

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