WolfCraft Texture Craft Minecraft 1.2.5

Don’t mistakenly take the WolfCraft Texture Craft as wolves to be raised in your game! It is a texture pack that creates vivid aura of wolves in your Minecraft universe. Well, when you take a glance at it, it is indeed very easy to be mistakenly taken as mod or adventure map. It gives you the atmosphere and the look that is related to wolves strongly. WolfCraft Texture Craft shows slight characteristic of cartoonish style and put some other characteristic of realistic style. The combination of them is just like using something multifunctional and makes your whole Minecraft experience more exciting. It is very popular recently and used by so many Minecrafters.

WolfCraft Texture Craft

WolfCraft Texture Craft: Feature and Installation

Aside from the characteristics that are mentioned above, WolfCraft Texture Craft has detailed texture pack which has high resolution and also other wonderful features which boost the popularity of the WolfCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5. It is compatible with CTM and Aether Mod. Thanks to TheMadWolf for creating such wonderful texture pack. Now that you already know the features, you can directly download the file and install it in your Minecraft. The steps are pretty easy to follow and take only some time to do.

The following steps are the instruction to install the WolfCraft Texture Craft in Minecraft 1.2.5

1. Install MCPatcher HD properly before installing the texture pack
2. Down,oad the WolfCraft properly from the link that you already got.
3. Run the game normally and navigate to the “Mods and texture Packs”
4. Open the Texture Packs folder
5. Copy the files into the folder
6. Run the files and enable the texture pack

Link To Download WolfCraft Texture Craft Minecraft 1.2.5

That will be all for the installation of WolfCraft Texture Craft and hopefully you enjoy the post of the update in Minecraft presented here.

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