World Downloader Mod Minecraft 1.2.5

Do you love world downloader mod at the first sight? Well, considering that you have been really attached to Minecraft, it is normal to be obsessed with the mod that allows you to download new world for your Minecraft game. We all know that after finish the game in one world, it will be quite boring to stay in the same world. Therefore, looking for downloader mod to have new world for new and more thrilling experience of world downloader mod minecraft become one of the most possible alternatives.

World Downloader Mod

World Downloader Mod

World downloader mod – Useful Mod for Adding New World

Actually, world downloader mod is not only able to make you able to download new blocks for your world, but also equipped with some features that allow you to saves the seed, inventory, health, experience and game mode. Moreover, it saves all blocksto 127 height and 1600 block radius. Spawners is also included in the mod, so you are able to spawn your pigs. Even so, the mod cannot record other human players that the one who install it. Aside from the things above, this mod is truly beneficial to make new adventure in Minecraft.

World Downloader Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 Video

World downloader mod – Installing World Downloader for Minecraft 1.2.5

If you are interested in having downloader mod in your Minecraft, there are some steps that need to be followed. These steps will be the start point of your new wider and plain world to be filled with any condition you want. First of all, go to Minecraft.jar and delete META INF folder. Then drag the software you have downloaded into the.jar. Next, overwrite the files existed before and enjoy your new world. This step is so easy if you have been familiar enough with other steps of mods installation. That is all the steps you need to do to run world downloader mod in your Minecraft world.

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