X-Ray Minecraft Texture Packs

This is you waiting for, i will be give you information and share about X-Ray Texture Packs for minecraft 1.7.3, This packs is very useful and many user use this packs. This pack not build on high resolution or great picture, but its normal resolution but have one adventages. What the useful of this pack? with this pack all wall and border on minecraft textures will be change to transparant. Below is the screenshot:


When you install this pack, you will see only border around the blocks without a something cover the wall, its make you possible to cave and finding the materials more easier. You can find gold, stone, diamonds and other valuables items like find sand. :-) The X-Ray Texture Pack created and develop by someone namely flaminsnowman99, thanks for the make great and awesome texture packs guys. Below is link to download:

Enjoy and have fun try X-Ray Minecraft Texture Packs, i will be post about the Mods in next post.

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