X Ray Texture Pack Minecraft 1.2.5

X Ray texture pack give the ultimate help during your adventure inside the Minecraft game. With the help of this X Ray texture pack, finding treasure or hidden item such as Diamond, or Lapis Lazuli, or Gold is just as easy as glancing around the field.

x ray texture packs

In Minecraft game, you have to explore a labyrinth of cubes and block, finding the way out and some special treasure or hidden item within the labyrinth. Getting lost inside it and do not know which way to turn to find the exit is pretty common trouble in the game.

With the X Ray minecraft texture pack installed, you can turn all the walls in the area to a transparent cube. There will only be borders and frames left for you to see the road available. Other than that, you are free to look around the Minecraft field and there, you can see diamonds and gold and other treasure in the level easily. All that is left is finding your way to them in a 3D transparent labyrinth. This will challenge you in different way.

X Ray texture pack Minecraft 1.2.5 Overview

Unlike the other additional minecraft texture pack available for download, which are well painted and gives you fresher look to caves and dungeons you explore, X Ray texture pack has nothing as such. In fact, it is not painted at all. The texture leaves you able to see through it, and locate the exit and treasures in the level easily.

While the other minecraft texture packs tends to focus on giving innovative of fresher look, this texture pack made by ProxyWorm gives you the convenience of seeing through every wall. This x ray texture pack download is available in the usual 16x texture pack, so you would not face any difficulties in playing this. This X Ray texture pack is available to download in separate download with the main Minecraft game.

Download X Ray Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5 from link below:

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